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Leadership for NAMI Missoula is provided by its elected board members and its Executive Committee.

As of June 2018, the following individuals comprise the elected NAMI Missoula Board of Directors:

Dodie Adare / Zan Bockes / Sylvia Carollo / Monique Casbeer /  Mary McCourt / Madeleine McKelvey / Sheila Mellgren / Debra Orozco /  Karissma Rufe /                          Jack Shifflett / Geri Stewart / Bev Young

In grateful recognition of their decades of service,  Dorothy Salmonson and Jean Sharkey are honorary lifetime board members of NAMI Missoula, and Dorothy Salmonson is lifetime President Emeritus of the organization.

Our Executive Committee for 2018-19 is:

President/Programs Coordinator: Jack Shifflett

Vice-President: Monique Casbeer

Secretary: Madeleine McKelvey

Treasurer: Karissma Rufe

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