Become a part of NAMI! Subscribe to the latest mental health updates, participate in an online discussion group, learn how to advocate in your community and add your voice to the mental health movement.

How do I become a member?

In order to become a member of NAMI you will need to:

1. Fill out the information form below and click “submit”.

2. Click the “Pay for Membership” button. Once you are linked to our Paypal, make a paypment of either $60 per year for a Household membership that includes all members of a household living at the same address, $40 per year for a Regular membership which is an individual membership for one person, or $5 per year for an Open Door membership for an individual member with limited financial resources

It’s that easy!

8 + 15 =

We depend on you!

NAMI Missoula relies on memberships and donations to accomplish its mission of providing support, education, and advocacy for all those in the Missoula community affected by serious mental illness. We’ve been busier than ever this past year; as we move forward, we need your membership and support to strengthen our efforts.

Please help us keep the momentum going! NAMI Missoula needs your membership and support!

What are the benefits to becoming a NAMI Missoula Member?

• You will have voting privileges on local affiliate leadership;
• You will have full access to resources at the NAMI Missoula Resource Center;
• You will receive the “NAMI Voice” newsletter;
• You will receive the “NAMI Advocate” magazine;
• You will become a member of NAMI National;
• You will be entitled to reduced costs for NAMI national events;
• You will have access to the “members only” information on the NAMI National website;
• You will help us fight the stigma of mental illness;
• You will make a difference in the community.

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